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  5. Application of vacuum technology Metallurgical industry: The vacuum technology used in the metallurgical industry includes molten steel vacuum processing, vacuum melting, vacuum induction melting, induction shell melting, vacuum arc remelting, etc. Among them, the vacuum treatment of molten steel is a very important aspect of the metallurgical industry. This technology is mainly used in the atomic energy industry, aerospace technology, ocean drilling technology, gas engine technology, automobile industry, aircraft manufacturing, high-speed trains and other high-tech industries to control and process certain elements in steel, and to The life and reliability of materials put forward higher and higher requirements. Process Parameters Of Vacuum Brazing Heating And Cooling Electronics and microelectronics industry: Microelectronics technology requires smaller and smaller electronic components and circuits, and higher integration requirements. This is inseparable from the application of vacuum technology, especially the microfabrication technology of VLSI. The formation of geometrical structure, ultra-thin layer growth technology, and particle beam injection technology all require a high-quality and clean vacuum environment, which shows its development Dependence on vacuum technology and equipment. Detailed Explanation Of Gas Carburizing Process Machinery manufacturing industry: Vacuum heat treatment refers to a new type of heat treatment technology that closely combines vacuum technology and heat treatment technology. Its treatment of tools, molds and precision couplings can increase the service life and accelerate the adsorption and reaction process of chemical heat treatment. In addition, its own technological operation is flexible and pollution-free has become a common treatment method in the industry. Introduction Of Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace Performance
  6. Hotel Telephone Systems & Solutions Looking for a new telephone system for your hotel?Are you facing any of these issues with your current hotel phone system? Your phone system is outdated and costs your hotel productivity.Are you going for a specific star rating? Did you know in some cases you need a phone in every room? Enquiries are not being effectively handled, do you want to monitor and improve staffs interactions with guests. Guests are having frequently engaged tones which is leading to loss of business and frustrated guests. You would like your phone system to integrate with your CRM system i.e: RoomMaster PMS, eeZe Reservation, or Bookwize so you can greet guests by their name – WOWing them and saving time. Telephone Systems For Hotels Solutions Provided Nationwide.Hotel telephone systems have seen a dramatic change over the years, for the hotel industry, however, the same principles apply. Why Sip Trunking Is The Best Hotel Phone System Hotel Phone Systems Types How Hotels Use a PBX Phone System
  7. Predr@g settings E2 22.05.2021 NEW UPDATE all ssatelite Predr@g 19E Predr@g 13E Predr@g 19E+13E Predr@g 19E+16E+13E Predr@g 19E+13E+30W Predr@g 19E+16E+13E+9E+1.9E+0.8W+4W+5W Predr@g 19E+16E+13E+9E+7E+5W Predr@g 28E+23E+19E+16E+13E+9E+7E+4.8E+0.8W+4W+5W Predr@g 42E+19E+16E+13E+9E+7E Predr@g 42E+39E+28E+23E+19E+16E+13E+9E+7E+0.8W+5W+30W Predr@g 42E+39E+28E+23E+19E+16E+13E+9E+7E+1.9E+0.8W+4W+5W Predr@g Motor 28E+30W Predr@g Motor 42E+30W Predr@g Motor 42E+30W E2 22.05.2021 (1).zip All Predr@g settings 22.05.2021 (1).zip
  8. Za dobra,stara vremena i staru ekipu.Ziveli!!!
  9. Allows you to make the move to a VoIP call center on your terms with our VoIP phone service, using either a VoIP gateway or the built-in Agent Softphone based on SIP (Session-Initiation Protocol, the leading standard for VoIP communications). As a result, no phone lines are required for users and there are no long-distance fees between users and the system, leading to a significant reduction in operational costs when using our VoIP phone service. Your customer service representatives will feel at ease when operating our unique voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) interface. Other VoIP providers fail to offer the unique call center management features that allow you to connect to make crystal-clear phone calls. In fact, some VoIP providers fail to deliver important features that make voice over Internet protocol a worthwhile investment. NAT Traversal Service—How to configure on OM IP-PBX Best Hospitality Phone Systems New Rock communication solutions to help bolster hospitality experiences
  10. Dobar dan, slucajno sam ubacio orginal softwer u clona sim 2.1 Ako mozete da mi pomognete sta da radim i koja je procedura ozivljavanja izbacuje samo gresku R1
  11. Imam jedno pitanje za dm 800 hd pvr clone sim kartica je estar v3 dali ovaj box poderzava sim card 2.10 ? pozdrav
  12. Pozdrav za EX-YU zajednicu. Radujem se srecnom zajednickom druzenju.
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