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Dream-Elite 7.0 22.06.2019

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  • Dream Elite 7

What's New in Version 22.06.2019   See changelog


Changelog of 21.06.2019

update DE enigma2
- adapt to enigma2 4.4.1r10

- fixed missing audio after service change
- fixed broken SPDIF passthrough
- added possibility to stop and close alsa audio devices
- optimized enigma2 internal showiframe function (dr.bests videodb is using this)
- adjusted default skin (following the changes described in Skins & UI)
- fixed crash in SetupGuide
- reworked frontprocessor flasher for dreambox one


Skins & UI
- added "global skin variables" that can be used to define "global" position and size values. 
<value name="infobar_pos" value="0,540" />
- eSlider (progress): add and handle foregroundColor/backgroundColor attributes
- ChoiceList/ParentalControlList componentSizes: add pixmapX and pixmapY
- eListbox (lists)
- ConfigContent: seperation is now a hard limit, allow multi-line config list entries and values instead (only if line height is >= fontSize*2)
- MultiContent: add SCALE_STRETCH and SCALE_FILL for pixmaps
- add selectionZoom (method setSelectionZoom)
- Zooms the currently selected item by a factor (for skin use: selectionZoom="1.1", for 110% of original size)
- add mode="vertical|horizontal|grid" for defining the render type
- add margin="<horizontalMargin>,<verticalMargin" to add a global margin to the list (adjust to match your selectionZoom)

- refactored, cleanuped, generalized and fixed EGL/GLES handling (GL Widgets are now usable in a stable manner)
- speeded up blitting when using constant alpha on ge2d (dreambox one)
- don't try operating a non-existing display
- enabled generation of method signature comments for eLCD / eDboxLCD in enigma.py

- add Bootpanel to DE Panel
- added Screens from Bootpanel to DE-FHD
- add Screen of Automatic Timerlist Setup to DE-FHD
- update german and italian language (for other languages your are free to do the translations and send it to me)
- added Advanced Audio Settings by dhwz fix in image
- add possibility to have SDCard on dm7080, dm9x0 and dmOne as picon device or for recordings ecc.
- update Renderer and Converter 
- enigma2 4.4.1: add small python patch to fix several scaling problems

update DreamOS Core
- update enigma2-plugins
- update 3rdparty feed
- linux-meson64: update to linux-meson64_4.9.113
- dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 4.9-20190619r0 (dreamone)

  • fixed possible audio/video demux buffer underflow
  • load average fixes
  • fixed a rare audio/video clipmode (sync) problem

- enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-vps: drop transitional package

update DE Panel
- update some plugins in Addon Panel
- update Skins in Addon Panel

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