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Vyja Vujko

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2015-07-09 - FileZilla Client released

Bugfixes and minor changes:
Fix regression on servers that have MLSD facts disabled by default

2015-07-09 - FileZilla Client released

Bugfixes and minor changes:
Fix detection of UTF-8 support
Fix location of file list status bar, it was shifted by one pixel

THANK,s to ,,mohammed tanko..



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FileZilla 3.14.0 Final

Changes in 3.14.0:

Bugfixes and minor changes:
When connecting using SFTP, show an error message instead of silently failing when encountering an insecure cipher


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2015-11-30 - FileZilla Server 0.9.54 released

New features:

    ewly set account passwords are now stored in form of salted SHA512 hashes
    The undocumented 8+3 filename feature has been removed

Bugfixes and minor changes:

    Waiting for transfers to finish when taking the server offline now correctly closes the sockets
    Clarified a few error messages related to FTP over TLS
    Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2d


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2016-02-10 - FileZilla Client released

Bugfixes and minor changes:


MSW: Binaries are now also signed using a SHA256 signature and certificate.
    OS X: Move location of COPYING file containing the GPL to a different location in the bundle. On some systems OS X cannot verify the bundle with the file at the old location
    Restore focused item if changing directory listing sort order
    Fix restoring the column widths of the failed transfers tab in the queue when starting FileZilla
    MSW: Double-clicking a divider between a list header in the queue now adjust the sizes in the other tabs just as dragging the width would



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Fixed vulnerabilities:
Quote: MSW: Quoted the path to the uninstaller when executed from the installer to prevent an attacker from tricking the installer into running some other program instead

Bugfixes and minor changes:
Quote: SFTP: Fixed resuming SFTP transfers
MSW: Loading the system default locale no longer fails on systems that have any English locale installed, yet do not have the US-English locale installed
Fixed crash if update dialog is opened at the very same moment FileZilla is being closed.

Thank,s to mohammed tanko



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