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PiconsUpdater E2 plugin

Vyja Vujko

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PiconsUpdater v0.3.4

How does the plugin work? The plugin downloads picons and backgrounds from this repository - based on channels which are in your bouquets. Within the plugin you can select target size of picons, target background of picons and the target location to generate the picons to.
Feel free to add additional picons or backgrounds you want to have selectable in the plugin.
PiconsUpdater creates a logfile in /tmp/piconsupdater/channelsNotFound.txt with missing picons and needed filename:
Picons not found for '1' channels

Added picons need to be:
Size 220x132 pixel
Transparent - no background!
Service logo should have a safety distance of about 10 pixel to borders
Filename basically is the servicename in your channellist (lowercase and spaces replaced by minus):
Please have a look at your /tmp/piconsupdater/channelsNotFound.txt and use the first column entry as filename for missing picon to add it here (in above example, the correct piconname would be 'travel-channel-deutschland.png')
Other Examples:
"Das Erste HD" -> das-erste-hd.png
"BR Süd HD" -> br-sud-hd.png
"Sport1+" -> sport1___plus___.png
"A&E" -> a___and___e.png
Added backgrounds need to be:
Size 220x132 pixel


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