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  1. update DE enigma2 - adapt to enigma2 4.4.1r10 - fixed missing audio after service change - fixed broken SPDIF passthrough - added possibility to stop and close alsa audio devices - optimized enigma2 internal showiframe function (dr.bests videodb is using this) - adjusted default skin (following the changes described in Skins & UI) - fixed crash in SetupGuide - reworked frontprocessor flasher for dreambox one Skins & UI - added "global skin variables" that can be used to define "global" position and size values. Example: <globals> <value name="infobar_pos" value="0,540" /> </globals> - eSlider (progress): add and handle foregroundColor/backgroundColor attributes - ChoiceList/ParentalControlList componentSizes: add pixmapX and pixmapY - eListbox (lists) - ConfigContent: seperation is now a hard limit, allow multi-line config list entries and values instead (only if line height is >= fontSize*2) - MultiContent: add SCALE_STRETCH and SCALE_FILL for pixmaps - add selectionZoom (method setSelectionZoom) - Zooms the currently selected item by a factor (for skin use: selectionZoom="1.1", for 110% of original size) - add mode="vertical|horizontal|grid" for defining the render type - add margin="<horizontalMargin>,<verticalMargin" to add a global margin to the list (adjust to match your selectionZoom) Others - refactored, cleanuped, generalized and fixed EGL/GLES handling (GL Widgets are now usable in a stable manner) - speeded up blitting when using constant alpha on ge2d (dreambox one) - don't try operating a non-existing display - enabled generation of method signature comments for eLCD / eDboxLCD in enigma.py - add Bootpanel to DE Panel- added Screens from Bootpanel to DE-FHD- add Screen of Automatic Timerlist Setup to DE-FHD- update german and italian language (for other languages your are free to do the translations and send it to me)- added Advanced Audio Settings by dhwz fix in image- add possibility to have SDCard on dm7080, dm9x0 and dmOne as picon device or for recordings ecc.- update Renderer and Converter - enigma2 4.4.1: add small python patch to fix several scaling problems update DreamOS Core- update enigma2-plugins- update 3rdparty feed- linux-meson64: update to linux-meson64_4.9.113- dreambox-dvb-modules: update to 4.9-20190619r0 (dreamone) fixed possible audio/video demux buffer underflow load average fixes fixed a rare audio/video clipmode (sync) problem - enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-vps: drop transitional packageupdate DE Panel- update some plugins in Addon Panel- update Skins in Addon Panel
  2. Odakle cemo da pocnemo ? Ja sam za Grcku ko Surda
  3. Ja i muhi nismo ni odlazili samo nas mrzi da piskaramo ,a ime se sta napisati
  4. Za pocetak je potrebna SD kartica. Kartica mora biti formatirana u Ext4 formatu najbolje sa nekim Linux OS tipa Ubuntu ,Debian ..... Nakon formatiranja karticu ubacujemo sa prednje strane u box ,nemojte se zacuditi ako je ne vidite pod device jednsotavno predjite na instalaciju Androida. Klikom na PLAVO dugme na daljinskom ulazite na Dream Elite Panel spustite se na poslednju opciju OS Instaler klik OK Izaberite Android Pie i klik ok Klik na zeleno dugme i instalacija ce poceti ,izacice vam poruka da ce Androdi biti preuzet i instalran nakon preuzimanja. U toku instalacije mozete pratiti Insaltacioni log. Sacekajte da zavrsi i dobicete obavestenje da je instalacija zavrsena Nakon zavrsetka instalacije ako zelite da pokrenete Dreambox sa androidom jednostavno kliknite na Yes i box ce se restartovati u Android modu.
  5. View File Dream-Elite 7.0 Dream Elite 7 Submitter Ribolovac Submitted 06/18/2019 Category Dreambox ONE  
  6. Version 22.06.2019


    Dream Elite 7
  7. za art team iptv može li test za mag 254

  8. Vhannibal E2 Quadri 13-19-23-28 est 23 gen.zip View File Vhannibal E2 Quadri 13-19-23-28 est 23 gen.zip Submitter Ribolovac Submitted 01/29/2019 Category VHANNIBAL  
  9. Vhannibal E2 Trial 5 ovest 23 gen.zip View File Vhannibal E2 Trial 5 ovest 23 gen.zip Submitter Ribolovac Submitted 01/29/2019 Category VHANNIBAL  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Vhannibal E2 Quadri 13-19-23-28 est 23 gen.zip
  11. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Vhannibal E2 Trial 5 ovest 23 gen.zip
  12. Vhannibal E2 Motor 23 gen.zip View File Vhannibal E2 Motor 23 gen.zip Submitter Ribolovac Submitted 01/29/2019 Category VHANNIBAL  
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