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  1. Dreamset 2.4.9 Released 30/09/2016 Added:Multistream support Added:Transfer using SSL connection Added:UI enhancements Added:New signal bar Added:Show Service reference (list, status bar, tooltip) Added:Added also multiple chnage of Service's type, CAIds, provider Added:Other improvements and fixes that I dont remember Known Issue:May not run on Windows XP dreamset249.zip dreamset249x64.zip
  2. Razvodnik E2 settings 04.05.2016.============================ Razvodnik E2 Diseq ch list 28e-19e-16e-13e-0.8w -28.04.2016.zip Razvodnik E2 Motor ch list 90e-30w -28.04.2016.zip Razvodnik E2 Motor Sharing ch list 39e-30w -28.04.2016.zip
  3. iptvplayer whats -Add support for OpenSSL 1.0.2 for all supported platforms. -Fix rtmpdump version detection. -Add support for OpenSSL 1.0.2 for MIPSEL platforms. -Update hosts list. -Add TV Series to the movienight.ws host. -Fix for movienight.ws -More fix for TVP VOD -Fix TVP VOD - favourites THX @samsamsam & hardstyler enigma2-plugin-extensions-iptvplayer_117.05.00.00_all.ipk.zip
  4. Dreambox edit Verzija improved hints placement- added Lithuanian translation- language file updates- OpenSSL security updates- updated IP stackThx@dhwz dreamboxEDIT_without_setup_6.1.0.0.zip dreamboxEDIT_setup_6.1.0.0.zip
  5. cams conversion tool ver.1.4 beta CamsConverter.rar
  6. IPTV Player thanx @ samsamsam External http://www.speedyshare.com/zJccq/enigma2-plugin-extensions-iptvplayer-
  7. Putty v0.67(beta) Security fix: a buffer overrun in the old-style SCP protocol when receiving the header of each file downloaded from the server is fixed. See vuln-pscp-sink-sscanf. Windows PuTTY now sets its process ACL more restrictively, in an attempt to defend against malicious other processes reading sensitive data out of its memory. Assorted other robustness fixes for crashes and memory leaks. We have started using Authenticode to sign our Windows executables and installer. putty.zip putty-0.67-installer.rar
  8. DCC v2.96 Social advice How to start: Start with a click on « Network » - Select your language - Select your connection type - The IP address from the PC tracks down automatically. - Select the equipment of your Dreambox: Hard disk, CF or USB-Stick - Select your login and password - The name of an active DreamFlash-Image will be showed automatically. DCC_E2_v2.96_Social_advice.zip
  9. Malimali settings E2 24.02.2016 11.Malimali_settings-E2-39E_28E_26E_23.5E_19E_16E_13E_0.8W.rar 10.Malimali_settings_E2_39E_28E_26E_23E_19E_16E_13E_7E_0.8W.rar 9.Malimali_settings_E2_39E_28.2E_23.5E_19.2E_16E_13E_0.8W.rar 8.Malimali_settings_E2_3E_7E_9E_13E_16E_19E.rar 7.Malimali_settings_E2_13E_16E_19.2E_28.2E.rar 6.Malimali_settings_E2_Hotbird_13E_Eutelsat_16E_Astra_19E.rar 5.Malimali_settings_E2_motor_list_42E_30W.rar 4.Malimali_settings_E2_Eutelsat_9E_Hotbird_13E_Astra_19E.rar 3.Malimali_settings_E2_Hotbird_13E_Astra_19E.rar 2.Malimali_settings_E2_Hotbird_13E.rar 1.Malimali_settings_E2_Astra_19E.rar 12.Malimali_settings_e2_39e_28.2e_23.5e_19.2e_16e_13e_9e_7e_4.8e_0.8w.rar
  10. Predr@g settings E2 21.02.2016 NEW UPDATE Predr@g 19E Predr@g 13E Predr@g 19E+13E Predr@g 19E+16E+13E Predr@g 19E+13E+7E+42E Predr@g 19E+16E+13E+0.8W Predr@g 19E+16E+13E+7E+0.8W Predr@g 28E+23E+19E+16E+13E+7E+4.8E+0.8W+4.0W Predr@g 39E+28E+26E+23E+19E+16E+13E+7.0E+0.8W+4.0W Predr@g 42E+39E+28E+26E+23E+19E+16E+13E+7E+0.8W+30W Predr@g Motor 28E+30W Predr@g Motor 42E+30W Predr@g settings E2 21.02.2016.rar Predr@g Motor 42E+30W E2 21.02.2016.zip
  11. KodiDirect v3.0 19.02.2016 New and updated addons kodilivetv 1.3.4 Note: - uninstall & remove/ delete any previous old version & kodidirect - in case if it ask u update after installation, just do update till execution finished & restart e2, this could be a confirmation installation message from server. enigma2-plugin-extensions-kodidirect_3.0_r0-18022016_all.ipk
  12. Extended Number Zap Plugin v.0-rc16 15.02.2016 -don't search number in hidden bouquets (eServiceReference.isInvisible) enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-extnumberzap_1.0-rc16_all.ipk
  13. 2 Boom Quick ECM Info v1.9 r-1 dvbapp2-plugin-extensions-quickecminfo-1.9-r1.all.ipk 2 Boom Quick ECM Info v2.0 r-7 enigma2-plugin-extensions-qeifh-0.2-r7.ipk
  14. Settings Maker v2.8 This program automatically generates lists Channels (Settings) for satellite STB. With this tool - for personal use - will generate and channel lists in the house (Settings) to your satellite receiver shaping them according to their own needs and its own plant. At the time the settings are managed formats: NDF, NDF HD, NDF HD + DTT, Enigma1, Enigma2, AZBox, SB-5, Pvr-S2HD, Pvr-ST1, Pvr-JS1, ST-4 HD, ST-4 Plus HD, ST-5 HD, HD M-1, M-2 HD, MV200HD, MV300HD, HD270CN, Neutrino Plus HD, HNF, Nokia9701s, Edision Argus, Golden Media combo, Golden Media 9055HD, Opticum, Amiko alien2, DVBViewer card, Edision Pingulux Spark, GM Triplex, SAB Unix F + Solo (S902) Edision Mini High Speed 2in1, Golden Media 766, Ferguson Ariva 120, Opticum TS9600HD First, Edision Piccollo 3in1, Jepssen HD M3. New formats will be implemented in the next versions of software. All the data required to create the channel lists are taken from our database which is constantly updated by members of TechSat Team. As it will be well imagine this is a very complex piece of software that has required substantial efforts and many hours of sleep lost then a dutiful THANK YOU is due to all those who exhibit "TechSat Settings STAFF" logo in their signature. As our custom of our software are absolutely free, this is because our sponsors - Thank you - take charge of server rental fees and to us that is enough. The settings of the database is a shared resource that must be maintained also thanks to updated Your reports. And whoever wants to be part of the team - to keep your database - can make explicit request. Warning! This tool generates lists 0x09 and 0x0A version channels for AZBox usable from Firmware Version 0.9.4923. Information. The lists Pvr ST-1 and p-Pvr JS1 not allow writing the favorite group name, therefore, some groups will contain favorite channels specified but with generic title. SettingsMaker2.8.zip
  15. 2016-02-10 - FileZilla Client released LINUX Bugfixes and minor changes: MSW: Binaries are now also signed using a SHA256 signature and certificate. OS X: Move location of COPYING file containing the GPL to a different location in the bundle. On some systems OS X cannot verify the bundle with the file at the old location Restore focused item if changing directory listing sort order Fix restoring the column widths of the failed transfers tab in the queue when starting FileZilla MSW: Double-clicking a divider between a list header in the queue now adjust the sizes in the other tabs just as dragging the width would FileZilla_3.15.0.2_i586-linux-gnu.tar.rar FileZilla_3.15.0.2_x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.rar
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