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Albatros E2 plugin

Vyja Vujko

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Albatros v2.1

- teledunet fixed ( login and change channel one time )
- streamcomplet fixed
- some changes to ilive
- thai tv added
- kika.de added ( takes some time to load the list in first screen - just wait )
- ourmatch champions leaugue links fixed
- streamking fixed
- teleboy will be fixed in next release


Albatros E2 v2.2

Update 16.08.2015
- goldvod ( polish streams ) added
- teleboy fixed ( you need to edit c.txt in Albatros folder and insert your own cookie )
- showsport channels added
- removed python-requests
- streamingHD fixed


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Albatros v3.1

- giniko.com : free channels added
 - stadium-live : fixed again
 - farfesh series : regex fixed
 If u have problem with install use those updates from telnet


opkg update
 opkg install python-requests
 opkg install python-pycrypto
 opkg install livestreamer
 opkg install livestreamersrv


Albatros v3.2

- teleboy fixed including HD channels
 - Wilmaa + GermanStreams removed ( Swisscom is planned for next release )
 - ZopTV.com added
 - Streamking.co fixe
 - ilive crashes on premium channels fixed


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Albatros v3.3

 - teledunet list updated
    - swisscom readded
    - tuiptv added
    - jagdobd bangalian channels added
    - lag10 fixed
    - glwiz fixed
    - glturk fixed
    - glarab changed to medium quality
    - tv-sport-hd.com added
    - canlitvlive.org added

thx @ testi


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Albatros v 3.4

- alarab fixed
 - wsssport added ( sports )
 - telewizjada added ( polish + sport streams )
 - swisscom fixed
 - streamlive ( aka ilive ) fixed
 - cinemay fixed ( frensh movies )
 - kinoger ( german movies ) search function and more pages added
 - bratu-marian.ro (sports) added - only channels working , schedule in next version
 - wagasworld fixed


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Albatros v3.6


Albatros v3.7

- canalitv.com fixed due to webpage changes (turkey)
- 123movies link extraction fixed if only low quality link is available (english)
- telewizdaja fixed due to webpage changes (polish)
- magictvbox and globaltv removed
- streaminghub.com fixed link extraction ( mixed)
- iptv-planet fixed ( arab)
- ontv.al added (kosova)
- ecanaltvizle added (turkey)
- streamoase fixed - use search buttom(german)


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Albatros v3.7


- orflive added (austrian live tv)
 - lanet.tv added (russian live tv)
 - laola1 live added (live sports)
 - glwiz fixed (persian live tv)
 - streamlive.to fixed (live streams)
 - teleclub.fr fixed due to webpage changes (frensh tv)
 - kure.tv fixed (turkey live channels)
 - wizi1 lag10 fixed hoster
 - telewizdaja.net fixed bug that only one channel works each start of plugin
 - stadium-live fixed
 - ontv.al fixed


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