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Backupsuite E2 plugin

Vyja Vujko

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Backupsuite v18.0
 The problems still persists in the 3rd-party feed for the et4x00 and et8000. The other models can be updated/upgraded online
 To update your receiver and the backupsuite:
 - remove/uninstall the BackupSuite if there is still an copy installed
 - Run an update via the menu
 - Copy attached version of the BackupSuite to your receiver to /tmp/
 - In telnet give the commandopkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-backupsuite_1.0+git13+82ffd34-r0_mips32el.ipk
 This install the right version, you can't upgrade the backupsuite online until the problems are solved
 What's new:
 Changed in 18.0
 - Added messagebox to confirm the start of the backup process of the HDD and USB option
 - Added support for the Xtrend ET7000 and ET7500
 - Added support for the Mutant/Opticum HD2400 and the Mutant HD1100


 -Removed some obsolte code
 -No more a flashable copy in the root of the harddisk, only in fullbackup_<type> etc.
 -Made some alterations in the way a back-up is made: if a backup is made onto the harddisk there is no longer a flashable copy made in the root of the harddisk.
 The backup is only stored in the folder "fullbackup_<type> etc.
 If the backup is made onto an USB-stick then the copy is made in the root and a copy in the folder fullbackup_<type> etc


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Git 86   20-12-2015
Did some overdue maintenance on plugin.py concerning the VU+ models

Git 85   13-12-2015
Added support for the VU+ Solo 4K. Beware: this is a very early test, the plugin still needs some tidying up.
Don't try to flash the made back-up of the Solo 4k with the built in OFGWRITE, it needs an update to be able to flash the Solo 4K
Reverted the truncating of the kernelpartition

Git 84   06-12-2015
Added seasons greetings

Git 83   30-11-2015
Added support for the Xsarius Fusion HD SE
Corrected the extra path for the Xsarius HD

Git 82   14-11-2015
Completed support for the Xsarius Fusion HD (at the moment still no confirmation if it functions), looking for some owners of a Fusion who would like to test it and report if all is functioning as it should.
Removed the support for unknown devices.

Git 81   10-11-2015
Added support for Xsarius Fusion HD (very experimental, use with care!)

Git 80   25-10-2015
Temporary measure: bail out if the receiver is a VU+ Solo 4K until more is known what the requirements are to make a working back-up
Lookuptable expanded with the entry Solo4K

Git 78 & 79
Git 78 has been canceled/reverted by Git 79


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