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AutoBouquets E2

Vyja Vujko

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Latest files for testing


Reader file updated to place Red Button Sports channels in a combined bouquet.

Three reader files in plugin for the following CPU types: Mips, SH4 and ARM

User can now configue and select the architecture type of receiver.

Fixed a long standing issue where starting with non-28.2 bouquets caused an issue.

GUI rework.


Fixed mode = TV after initial run.

Area space in GUI increased


Correct SH4 reader now being used.

Variables now one string

Split changelog from helpfile


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CrossEPG & AutoBouquetsMaker plugin



In case you face epg problems with Rytec sources, like we have seenfor a couple of days using crossepg then please follow this short tutorial.

1. Download zip files below
2. Unzip it and ftp the 2 files to your VU box
3. Copy the 2 files "crossepg_rytec_update.py" & "crossepg_rytec_update.pyo" in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/SystemPlugins/CrossEPG/
( overwritte existing files with these 2 ones.)
4. Reboot your box
5. Go in settings\Crossepg and update the rytec sources
6. Once done go to xmltv providers list to select epg files you want to download
7. Click on download now

Box will now start to download and parse files before loading them into your box.


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