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OpenSPA v5.0.001 DM800HD PVR Ferrari sim SSL88F - 07.10.2015

Vyja Vujko

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This Image For Internal and External Flash
-Converted and patched VU+ (OpenSPA) Image to Dreambox
-Reducing the size of the image from (75MB) To (56MB)
-Fixed LCD panel
-Added Last drivers
-Edit some python files to make image full compatible with DM800HD with plugins
-Should be work on all Boxes on External Flash (But must be on Internal flash OE2.0 Image

How to Download Cams and Active it:
2-SpaPANEL > openSPA CAMD Manager > Download
3-Emu > Then pres ok on any emu you want > then press yellow buttom (Install) > Ok

To active Cams
2-spaPANEL > openSPA CAMD Manager > from CAMD select emu and press green buttom
P.S: After install CCcam you will find CCcam info plugin on Blue button... No need to install it !
How to change menu list show :
Menu -Customize > Customize Home Menu -Press green button  (options) -Overview menu enigma with openSPA Menu = No -press green  button (Save) -Exit > Yes > Ok
Don't make update Online




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