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Flashwizard v6.3

Vyja Vujko

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Flashwizard v6.3
Release v6.3

* Multidreambox !
FlashWizard can now address up to 10 dreamboxes, each one with its Name, IP, Login,
Passwd, Multiboot used devices, NFS share status, NFS ip, NFS shared directory.
You can easily select the target machine from a drop down list, on any window
(Flash and Multiboot), before starting install procedure.
All parameters are set-up on Configuration and Utilities panel.
The connection parameters for all dreamboxes are saved to "fwconnections.ini"
file, the file is encrypted and the passwords are hidden while FW is running.
To preserve your connection data, keep that file, and replace it in FlashWizard's
folder when you will upgrade to a new program release.

* Channels and Favourites are now saved in different "MyLastSettings" dirs,
depending on which dreambox is selected.

* Fixed recognizing of old .fwz files in multiboot restore.

* Fixed message when trying to install .nfi image on flash (not yet supported)

* FW7020: Revised bootmenu's install/upgrade procedures

Starting with FW 6.x, a new powerful tool is born: Image InfoWizard
It is a complete editor for backups distribution infos, maybe for images too in the future.
You can add texts and graphics, plus a background picture and a music, plus a sponsored link too.
Texts are in Rich Text Format, you can edit/write them with WordPad (you can run it direct from
InfoWizard tool Window).
The background picture (optional) is a BMP bitmap file.
The background music (optional) can be included from *.mid, *.mp3, *.wav files,
and will be played while saving and restoring backups (both flash and multiboot).
The "sponsored" link (optional) can be input on InfoWizard window, and will show on
your distributed backup, a click will open your browser on linked page.
Image InfoWizard can be used both for flash and multiboot backups, generating a *.FW2 file.

* Italian, English, Deutsch, Francaise locales included.
German translation by Lapidis, updated by Jo Squillo
French translation by Mimi74


* FAQ: What can I install with current FlashWizard, and where?

on DM 7020, on multiboot install (CF-USB-HDD-NFS):
- NFI images, with OpenEmbedded structure
- NFI images, with Tuxbox-CVS (dm7000-like) structure (i.e.: Neutrino)
- IMG images, built for dm7000 with new LZMA compression
- IMG images, built for dm7000 (all previous images, from 107.4 to 1.09)
- FWZ and FW2 backups of 7020 NFI images, both OpenEmbedded and Tuxbox-CVS
- FWZ and FW2 backups of 7000 IMG images
- on 7020, you *must* have in flash a true OpenEmbedded image (no 7000 cvs-tuxbox like!).
Make sure before installing FlashWizard on your 7020 to have an OE image in flash.

On DM 7000, on flash and multiboot install (CF-HDD-USB-NFS):
- all known DM7000 IMG images, from 107.4 to 1.09
Just make sure to have a compatible image in flash when you install a new one.
In example, to install a new LZMA compressed image, you must have a LZMA image in flash too.
- all FWZ and FW2 backups of 7000 images (both on flash and multiboot)
FWZ and FW2 backups can be saved and restored with ALL images in flash, as they don't care of the
flash image's kernel/squashfs version.
On other dreamboxes, images on flash and on multiboot on supported external devices.


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