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Vyja Vujko

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E-Channelizer v2.0.0

- New fresh user interface, more stylish, natural and intuitive.
- Switchable layout of bouquets and favorites (horizontal/vertical).
- Show more details of service and transponder (selectable).
- Show count of items while being dragged, with new visual effects.
- Make text larger and more readable (optional).
- Prompt for a profile when reading/importing from STB (optional).
- Use alternative numbering of favorites (optional).
- Show a tooltip with the original favorite name (optional).
- Hide/unhide bouquets (useful for parental control).
- Insert invisible markers (useful for custom numbering).
- Edit transponder from services list and edit service dialog.
- Select picons from SVG files.
- Assign picons by drag and drop of image files.
- Resize picons and change the color depth (32 or 8 bit).
- Delete unused picons from the local folder.
- Move deleted picons to "##deleted" subfolder (optional).
- Import picons from STB.
- Delete the existing files on STB before transferring picons (optional).
- Simultaneous FTP connections (5-10x faster).
- New support ticket system, powered by osTicket.
- Remember user configurations (e.g. layout, filters,... etc).
- Added Spanish language, thanks to titovich.
- Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.

- Revert text size to normal (default).
- Profiles list moved to the right instead of bottom side.
- Improved open/save file dialogs.
- Improved functionality and performance of the stream player.
- Some keyboard shortcuts.

- Add services/favorites to bouquets by drag and drop.
- Write settings to multiple STB profiles simultaneously.
- Other minor issues.

E-Channelizer v2.0.0.zip

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E-Channelizer v2.1

 - Import bouquets from another settings (local file or STB).
 - Reload transponders, bouquets, and white/black lists.
 - Import and export picons using the normal service names.
 - Restore existing user configuration after upgrading (v2.x only).
 - Added Russian language, thanks to spartak73 and Qweeps.
 - Updated all language translations, thanks to the authors.
 - Display favorites as "<N/A>" if services not found (optional).
 - Improved copying/pasting services and favorites.
 - Improved zapping to service on STB before streaming.
 - Recreate empty "Favourites (TV/Radio)" bouquets after reloading.
 - Stuck while deleting files before writing settings on some devices.
 - Other minor issues.


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